HotelDruid and Joomla Part 2 Availability Check

16 March 2016 by Miscellaneous 1449 Views

The HotelDruid availability check is the primary means of a potential customer interacting with the software. Marco has achieved this by presenting a template which is highly customisable from the HotelDruid back end which can then be included in other front end sofftware as an iframe.

We have taken this one step further and developed a Joomla module which can access the HotelDruid database but be customised from the Joomla administrator panel.

The customer first select a room/rate type and the dates they wish to check. They may add as many different romm/rate types as allowed. The software checks availability for the selected dates. If there is availability the customer can request a reservation. An email is sent to the customer and a message is created in HotelDruid for the premises manager.

The standard template is formatted by means of nested tables resulting in poor degradation when accessed via smaller devices as field names get separated from the input boxes.

In the demo we have

  1. removed ALL tables
  2. used css to format the input layout to ensure input labels stay with their associated input boxes however viewed
  3. moved the translation to use the Joomla translation/internationalisation facilities
  4. used Joomla admin to customise the forms
  5. tried separate the functionality from the display to make it comply better with the Joomla MVC architecture

 A demonstration can be seen here



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