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10 May 2014 by Miscellaneous 1316 Views

HotelDruid is an excxellent Open Source package for hotel rooms management or weekly and daily rental of apartments developed by Marco Maria Francesco De Santis under a GNU Affero General Public License.

We like it because it allows us to segregate the management of the hotel or apartments from the front end presentation of the premises to potential holidaymakers/tenants when we are developing for our own clients.

 It does in our opinion though have some drawbacks.
  • The source code variable, database table, and database field, names are all Italian making it somewhat difficult for developers like ourselves to fully understand their purposes.
  • Marco has used html tables to layout nearly all of the pages, whether they contain tabular data or forms for user input.
  • None of the theme available are responsive and are therefore very mobile unfriendly. Even the templates that a user can build to allow clients to check availability and rates are not mobile friendly.
  • Instead of providing an api or rest interface Marco has opted to provide Property Managers the functionality to generates 'templates' for availability calendars, rates tables and reservation requests. These templates have then to be included in the Properties front end by means of an iframe

More on these later as we manage to overcome each of these problems

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