Firewall and login failure daemon CSF + LFD

02 October 2014 Security

So now you have got a beautifully configured web and email VPS set up, with a great graphical interface. What can go wrong?? The problem is that you have left all yours and windows open to possible intruders. A VPS typically has thousands of such ports to allow access you must close these.I like the the multiple features in ConfigServer Security and Firewal + Login Failure Daemon to accomplish this with the graphical interface it provides to Webmin.

VPS and Website Security

29 April 2015 Security

NO site is too small or insignificant to avoid those with evil intent, whether to use it as part of a botnet, harvest email addresses, or gain access to personal data. As a responsible owner of a website you must protect yourself against these attacks.

By default all Blackdog websites come with the following features. They are all free, as in free beer, and avoid you, the small to medium website owner, having to pay security analysts to monitor your system 24x7 for attack attempts.



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